Commercial Vehicle Suspension Service

Suspension Service at Bob Moore Ford Commercial

The steering and suspension systems work together to keep your tires on the road and your car under control until you have a power steering problem or a suspension problem that makes your vehicle difficult to control. Request a diagnostic appointment if you are in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Norman areas and your car bounces, sways, squeaks, or is difficult to move the steering wheel. Our Bob Moore Ford Commercial Experts will thoroughly evaluate your steering, suspension, and other potential causes of vehicle handling issues.

How Do You Know If Your Suspension is Having Issues?

If you know where to look, a damaged suspension will leave obvious indicators, but the change in your vehicle’s handling will likely attract your attention first. The following are visible and audible signs of a damaged suspension:

·         It’s most likely a broken spring if one corner of your vehicle sits lower than the others.

·         If your vehicle fails the “bounce test,” you could be having problems. The bounce test requires you to lean against the front of the parked vehicle and swiftly back away. Suspect an issue with your shocks and struts if the vehicle bounces more than twice.

·         Cupping is an uneven wear pattern that develops in your tire treads.

·         Your shocks or struts have oil, grease, or apparent wear.

·         Squeaking can be heard, especially when turning or braking.

Dangers of Driving with a Compromised Suspension

Driving with a broken or worn-out suspension system causes unnecessary wear and strain on your tires, as well as putting you and others on the road in danger. Your suspension system, as well as all of its components, are critical to keeping you safe on the road. If just one of the above elements in your suspension system is worn out or broken, the entire system will be unable to perform its critical role of increasing grip or traction between your automobile and the road. You’re not going to have a very pleasant ride without it.

Causes of Steering Issues

The most typical cause of power steering issues is a worn power steering pump or polluted power steering fluid, which are all side consequences of problems with the power steering pump and hoses. Low power steering fluid pressure can be caused by leaks or air in the power steering fluid lines, which is another red flag. A completely torn serpentine-style drive belt will prevent your automobile from functioning, but a drive belt issue localized to your power steering pulley can compromise your power steering on its own.

Signs Your Power Steering Is Going Out

A tight or slow-responding steering wheel, as well as a change in steering responsiveness, may indicate a faulty power steering pump. If the power steering fluid is low or dirty, oxidation, metal flakes, or bubbles can indicate air in the lines or a defective power steering pump. Red signs include a shaking steering wheel, a slack belt, and a worn-out power steering pulley.



If you have any questions concerning suspension service or believe your suspension may need to be serviced, please contact our service department right away!