Electric Business

How the Right Truck Can Enhance Your Electric Business

Many times, an electrician must do their work onsite, at a development project or in someone’s home, store, or office. A commercial vehicle can be a valuable partner to reduce wasted time running back to the shop or to the store for parts.

Customize Your Business Vehicle

Modern vehicles come with a lot of fancy features, but a commercial model must be practical and functional. All those extra features should serve a purpose. How a truck or van is customized will depend partially on the jobs you do and the types of customers you serve. For instance, working on a remote jobsite in a development is quite different than taking care of residential customers in a subdivision.

One consideration is how you need to use your space. Do you need it for storage of parts, tools, and supplies or is it more important to create a functional workspace? A van with a raised height will make a nice workspace, so you don’t need to bend or lean down.

If you need to bring along large equipment, such as rolls of cable, you may need to haul a trailer. A truck or van with more towing capacity will be versatile and practical.

Reasons to Choose a Cargo Van

Cargo vans give you more covered space. Use it for storage or as a workstation. These models may be slimmer and lightweight to fit in tight spaces and provide efficient performance. You’ll also find it easy to park a van, especially on a street or crowded parking lots.

Service utility vans help you keep organized with divisions and shelving. Lighting inside enables you to work late into the night or on dark days.

Reasons to Choose a Pickup Truck

The other option for electricians is a truck. Pickup trucks are versatile and offer enough power to tow or haul heavy equipment and supplies. Load up the bed with tools and supplies, then hook up a trailer to tow heavy equipment to the jobsite. If you buy a double cab, you can even bring along a crew.

Each option comes with various trims for you to choose from. Select from the available technology and other features to help you in your workday.

Innovation and Functionality

Advanced technology helps you be more productive in your workday. For instance, pair your smartphone with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to call a customer when you’re on your way to their property. Get online with a Wi-Fi hotspot to locate special parts or to check on an order.

Features like folding mirrors and rearview sensors can have an impact on how well your day goes while offering convenience as you travel from one job to the next.


If you’re in the market for a commercial vehicle to help you in your work, consider carefully the options that are available. Talk to the sales team at Bob Moore Ford in the commercial division and find out what is available and how it can be upfitted for your business.