2024 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle with all lights on parked on wet city street at night
2024 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle with all lights on driving down city street quickly

Ford Government and Police Vehicles | Bob Moore Ford Pro

Governments and police departments have trusted Ford nationwide to provide class-leading vehicles for over 50 years. Our Interceptors are cutting-edge, designed to keep your officers and staff safe while providing a mobile base of operations and the power needed to pursue. We offer a variety of service vehicles to keep your department stocked with Interceptors, F-150s, and transport vans. We stock vehicles for police departments and local governments across Oklahoma. If you’re looking to make an addition to your Ford police fleet, contact our team at Bob Moore Ford Pro in Oklahoma City today.

Ford Interceptor Hybrid

The Ford Interceptor Hybrid is the powerful Explorer SUV you find at police stations across the country. Your vehicles spend most of the day idling on the job, making the hybrid powertrain perfect for police work. The hybrid battery shuts the gas engine off, ensuring you keep fuel costs down. The Interceptor prioritizes officer protection and is rated as the only vehicle in the world built to meet a 75-MPH rear-impact crash test. In addition, side protection, cabin enhancements, and structural reinforcements are in place to protect your officers on the job. With a standard AWD powertrain, tons of technology, and up to 415 lb-ft of torque, the Interceptor thrives as it protects and serves your officers. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help enhance or refresh your fleet.


Ford F-150 Police Responder

The 2024 F-150 Responder is the first pursuit pickup, offering the speed you need to protect your streets with the versatility and power you expect from an F-150. The Responder features a torque-on-demand system that delivers extra power to the four-wheel drive powertrain, so you’re equipped for any situation. You’ll also find the Responder equipped with special steel wheels rated for pursuit in all terrains, with 8-inch curb impacts tested for medians, J-turns, and railroads. The Responder offers up to 11,200 lbs of towing capacity and a V6 engine designed specifically for law enforcement. It’s a great compliment to the Interceptor and rounds out any fleet by offering more power and towing capacity than its peers.


Ford F-150 SSV

The F-150 Special Service Vehicle (SSV) isn’t designed for pursuits like the Interceptor or Responder but for any department needs for which you can’t spare a pursuit vehicle. The SSV features a souped-up 2023 Ford Lightning or a 2021 gas F-150, offering all-electric power or a hybrid V6. You’ve also got the option to choose from an EcoBoost V6 or a 5.0L V8 engine. With built-in steel intrusion plats, heavy-duty cloth, and other protective features, the F-150 can do it all and excels as a support vehicle to your Ford police vehicles. To learn more about available powertrains, contact Bob Moore Ford Pro.


Ford Prisoner Transport Vehicle 

Our prisoner transport vehicle is a cargo van that you need. We offer various lengths, roof heights, and wheelbases to accommodate more prisoners that can be compartmentalized as required. This 2020 van is available in a 3.5L V6 or 3.5L EcoBoost V that gets up to 310 horsepower with an AWD engine. To reduce the risk of rollovers, the Prisoner Transport Vehicle is equipped with unique technology to counteract unexpected lateral movements. The system can apply brakes to one side of the van to reduce the odds of an adverse outcome.


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Bob Moore Ford Pro offers all sorts of Ford commercial vehicles in OKC, with options for police departments and government agencies of all sizes. We can help you completely revamp your fleet or add a new vehicle. Contact our team today for questions about inventory, pricing, and more!