Ford has had a longstanding relationship with law enforcement for over fifty years which has been continued through various makes and models, beginning with an attempt by a Detroit police officer installing a radio Model T Ford in 1921. A more successful fleet vehicle for law enforcement began in 1950, with the introduction of the V8 engine. The relationship continued throughout the decades to include earlier models of Ford’s Crown Victoria, the Ford Mustang, and Ford Explorer. Today, a range of police responders that are part of the F-150 and Expedition model lineups range from service vehicles to prisoner transport vans. Ford aims to supply law enforcement with every possible need to help keep their communities safe.

Ford Interceptor Hybrid

Like many industries, there’s always an attempt to both save on financial costs as well as operate with the environment in mind. With the introduction of the Ford interceptor hybrid, there is nearly 40% increase of fuel efficiency compared to their current 3.7-liter V6 engine. Ford did the math on the fuel savings of this vehicle which equated to roughly $126,000,000 combined with every interceptor vehicle sold. The interceptor reduces engine idling time as well as using hybrid technology to power lights, computers, radios, and other commonly used electronic elements. The interceptor utilizes new technology to include 270 degrees of movement outside the vehicle while in surveillance mode.

2021 Ford F-150 SSV

Ford brings back the F-150 with a new special edition specifically tuned for law enforcement usage. This version of the F-150 highlights its overall capability, with a 4-door super crew configuration and a massively powerful engine. The vehicle comes with three optional engines, the most powerful of which is the 3.5-liter power boost full hybrid V6 engine offering 430 horsepower. The F-150 seats 5 people, with space saving features to allow for additional onboard equipment. The vehicle is equipped with a 240 amp alternator which can support specialized equipment used by police departments. These features coupled with all the greatness of your civilian F-150, you and your department are ready to go.

Ford 2021 Expedition MAX SSV

Fords 2021 Expedition Max SSV offers a ton of power when you need the space of a full-size SUV. With a max capacity of eight, the expedition SSV provides multiple configurations to fit equipment, cargo, and any necessary fasteners. This vehicle is defined by its powerful towing capacity at just over 9000 pounds, and a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine which delivers 400 horsepower as well as superior handling and sharp acceleration. Interior features easy to clean vinyl seats, with options for more space for equipment up front.

Ford 2021 Prisoner Transport Vehicle


The prisoner transport vehicle comes in multiple configurations involving different lengths, roof Heights, and two options of wheelbases. Compartmentalize your van cargo area with single, double, or triple inserts. A 3.5-liter V6 engine maxes the vehicle out at 275 horsepower with an available all-wheel drive for quickly changing terrain and icy or slippery roads. Ford couples roll stability control with the large size of this transport vehicle to counteract sudden wind gusts and other unexpected driving conditions.