Bob Moore Ford Commercial – Finance Department

When you need a new commercial vehicle, your biggest challenge might not be finding the right vehicle. Instead, you might invest more time searching for the right financing. Many business owners, both large and small, struggle to find terms and loans that meet their needs. But at Bob Moore Ford Commercial, we have a full team of professionals in house and ready to assist you in getting the loan or lease you need to grow your business with a new vehicle.

Commercial Loan Or Lease?

Only you can determine if a purchase or lease will work best for your company. But our team of commercial finance pros is here to help you sort through your options. Each choice has pros and cons to consider. A commercial retail purchase allows you to sell or trade the vehicle at any time. And if you choose to pay off the loan early, there are no penalties or fees. And once you pay off the truck, you own it as an asset.

With a commercial vehicle lease, you often have a lower payment than a purchase. And many commercial leases can include uplifts or accessories that will be residualized once the lease is terminated. Mileage restrictions can be a challenge on some leases, as can wear and tear to the vehicle. All of this might sound very complicated and confusing. But that is why at Bob Moore Ford Commercial, we have a team of experts who can help you sort through all of the options and determine if a purchase or a lease is best for you and your business.

Getting The Financing Started

We are always happy to sit down with our commercial customers and discuss their finance options before selecting or ordering a vehicle. At this time, we can also provide you with a valuation of any vehicle that you might be interested in trading-in to off-set the new purchase or lease price. This process can help provide you with a very accurate estimate of your budget when selecting a new work truck or making the selection and choosing options for a custom order vehicle.

Your other option is to go online to complete our preapproval application. This step is a great way to get all of the information into our finance team’s hands before you arrive at our Oklahoma City location. Our team will review your information and have most of the paperwork out of the way while you focus on other tasks. And once we have your preapproval amount determined and a potential list of lenders, we will contact you to set up an appointment at our location.


Our finance team has years of experience securing the best rates and terms for both consumers and commercial vehicle purchases and leases. They are familiar with local and national lenders. And will do everything in their power to secure the terms and rate you need to get you in a new commercial Ford truck as quickly as possible.