Commercial Trucks for Hvac

The Best Truck for Your HVAC Business

If you’re looking to improve production or efficiency in your HVAC business or do more work onsite, you’ll need to find the right truck for the job. You’ll need to pay attention to the features and amenities as well as the available options to determine which model is the right partner. The truck for your HVAC company not only gets you to the job but carries the tools and supplies needed for doing repairs onsite.

A Truck is a Truck

But is a truck what you really need? Maybe a van would be better suited to your jobs. A truck and van can both be helpful to your business, but they offer different functions. One of the primary benefits of a van is that it can easily become a mobile office once you have it upfitted the way you want.

Add shelving to the cargo area of the van as well as bins to carry all your tools and parts. You’ll decrease the time it takes to complete a job dramatically because you won’t have to run to the store every time you need to replace a part. It also improves customer satisfaction because you can get the job done quickly.

A truck is equipped with enough strength and towing capacity to carry heavy equipment while towing a trailer filled with supplies. If the job is in a remote location, a truck can travel off-road and handle rough terrain.

Securing the Supplies

You’ll want to consider what supplies and equipment you will be traveling with and how you will secure it when you’re not with the vehicle. A van is easily lockable once the doors are closed. You can add lockable storage containers inside as well.

A truck is limited on lockable storage. Many of them offer under-seat or in-floor storage, which can be secured. The bed of the truck is open, but you can add storage boxes, which may also be locked. If you’re working on a development jobsite, you may leave the trailer of supplies behind at the end of the day rather than taking it back and forth. You’ll want to secure it and add features to the truck that make hitching and unhitching quick and simple, such as rear sensors or trailer tow mirrors.

Innovative Tech

Today’s commercial trucks and vans come loaded with technology. Some features are standard across the board while others are found only on upper trim levels. For instance, folding mirrors may be helpful if you have to travel through alleyways. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay make it simple to pair your smartphone for quick access to your contacts, messages, and other apps.

Multimedia systems may include Wi-Fi hotspot service to allow you to get online and work from anywhere. Some of these apps will allow you to track vehicle usage, monitor travel time and fuel usage, and check other data to be more in touch with what your employees are doing during the day.


Don’t forget other important details, such as seating for passengers. Your commercial vehicle is an investment in your business. Talk to the team at Bob Moore Ford Commercial Division to find the right model for your HVAC business.