Ford Commercial Vehicle Service in Oklahoma City

If you need commercial vehicle service near the OKC, Norman, or Edmond areas, schedule an appointment with the Ford Pro Service Department below. Our factory-trained professionals will return your work truck to the job site in no time. Our factory-trained professionals can perform various repairs and services on work trucks, landscape trucks, cargo vans, and any commercial vehicle by Ford. Don’t wait until it’s too late; work with a trusted Ford dealer for your commercial vehicle repairs and service in Oklahoma City.

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Commercial Ford Truck on air lift being serviced

Ford Commercial Truck Service Plan

At Bob Moore Ford Pro, we understand these commercial vehicles are an investment for your business. Understanding the service required throughout the lifespan of a vehicle can help an owner plan for the future and get the most out of a vehicle. While your owner’s manual will provide information specific to your commercial truck, we have compiled a general guideline for your reference regarding commercial Ford service.


  • 7,500- Every 7,500 miles, or 6 months, Ford recommends an oil change. This, however, is just a guideline, and the use of your vehicle could dictate more frequent service.

  • 10,000- Every 10k, your truck will need a check-up to monitor wheel play and turning noise, inspect the cooling system and hoses, the exhaust system, brake pads/shoes/drums, brake lines, and hoses, and lubrication of all non-sealed steering linkage, ball joints, suspension joints, and u-joints.

  • 20,000- Every 20k, we repeat the 10k process and include replacing the cabin air filter.

  • 30,000- Every 30k, we repeat the 10k process and replace the engine air filter to protect the engine from debris damage.

  • 100,000- At 100k, we complete the standard 10k process and replace the spark plugs, cabin air filter, the Ford Orange Specialty Engine Coolant, and check the drive belts.

  • 150,000- At 150k, we again complete the standard 10k process, replace the timing belt, change the axle lubricant, transfer case fluid, transmission fluid, and filter and replace the accessory drive belt.