Commercial Ford Service 

At Bob Moore Ford Commercial, we appreciate your business. And our factory-trained service professionals want to provide you with the same level of personalized service you enjoyed during your purchase or lease of your new commercial Ford. And that starts with our extended service department hours from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday. Sometimes the biggest hurdle in maintaining your fleet is finding the time to take the truck off the road and get it in for the top-quality care it deserves. Just give us a call at 888-484-0883 or schedule an appointment online.

The Benefits Of Bob Moore Ford Commercial Service

Your business made a significant investment to purchase the most reliable and functional work truck on the market. And the best way to maximize your return on that investment is with professional maintenance and service. At Bob Moore Ford, our team of Ford experts is ready to take care of everything. We get the job done quickly and correctly, from our free multi-point vehicle inspection on every vehicle to our reasonable prices and guaranteed work. Commercial trucks can see a lot more wear and tear than a personal vehicle due to the daily demands of towing, hauling, and extended use, making quality Ford service even more valuable to you as a business owner.

Ford Commercial Truck Service

While your owner’s manual will provide information specific to your commercial truck, we have compiled a general guideline for you to reference regarding commercial Ford service.

  • 7,500- Every 7,500 miles, or 6 months, Ford recommends an oil change. This, however, is just a guideline, and the use of your vehicle could dictate more frequent service.
  • 10,000- Every 10k, your truck will need a check-up to monitor wheel play and turning noise, inspect the cooling system and hoses, the exhaust system, brake pads/shoes/drums, brake lines, and hoses, and lubrication of all non-sealed steering linkage, ball joints, suspension joints, and u-joints.
  • 20,000- Every 20k, we repeat the 10k process and include replacing the cabin air filter.
  • 30,000- Every 30k, we repeat the 10k process and replace the engine air filter to protect the engine from debris damage.
  • 100,000- At 100k, we complete the standard 10k process and replace the spark plugs, cabin air filter, the Ford Orange Specialty Engine Coolant, and check the drive belts.
  • 150,000- At 150k, we again complete the standard 10k process, replace the timing belt, change the axle lubricant, transfer case fluid, transmission fluid, and filter and replace the accessory drive belt.

At Bob Moore Ford Commercial, we know that you will ask a lot of your Ford truck. But we also know that with proper service from our team of factory-trained professionals, your Ford truck will continue to exceed your expectations. And we are committed to assisting you in getting a long life of reliable service from your investment. Please call 888-484-0883 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions regarding service for your commercial Ford vehicle.