Ford Transit Adventure Van

Ford Transit Adventure Van With Bob Moore Ford Commercial

Tackle any type of adventure, big or small, with the Ford Transit Adventure Van. Customize your van to fit your lifestyle, and apply your personal stamp all online! Discover outstanding features, tremendous value, and the large service and support that Ford has to offer. Do you have questions about the Adventure Van? Don’t hesitate to stop in at Bob Moore Ford Commercial where we will be happy to answer any and all questions!

Drive with Confidence

Feel more confident when you drive in snowy or rainy conditions with intelligent AWD. Choose between selectable drive modes like normal, Eco, Slippery, tow/haul, and mud/ruts. The Ford Transit comes standard with automatic high beams, which can detect poor lighting and switch them on for you when you need them most. Front and rear split-view cameras help you see in front and behind the transit with 180-degree view. These cameras help you see left and right, and provide visibility during parking maneuvers. Side Wind Stabilization is designed to help reduce driver stress by using monitor sensors to detect strong wind gusts and applying the brakes on one side to help you stay in your lane.

In Control Technology

Left your keys behind in the Transit? Don’t stress! The industry-exclusive SecuriCode Keypad allows owners to lock and unlock the driver door by entering a one-of-a-kind passcode. Maintain  your selected speed and keep space between your vehicle and the one in front of you with adaptive cruise control. Your vehicle can also slow or speed up, depending on the traffic that it detects. Enhanced Active Park Assist makes it even easier to park the Ford Transit with sensors that not only detect an appropriate spot, by steering the vehicle into the spot while you stay in control of the brakes. Stay connected with FordPass Connect 4G WiFi Modem and Bluetooth. Use the app to unlock/lock doors, create a start schedule, start or stop the engine, and much more. All from your smartphone.

The Adventure Van Prep Package

The Ford Transit Adventure Van is the perfect vehicle foundation to tailor to your expedition needs. With the Prep Package you can get all of the little things that you want in an adventure van, like, swivel seats – which allow you to turn the front seats around to create an instant living room. Ford pre-installs an Auxiliary Fuse Panel when you decide to get the Prep Package, so when you need an extra electrical outlet, you’ll already have one.

Customize Your Transit

The Ford Adventure Transit Van has a platform that you can build on, so customizing it to your lifestyle is easy. You can select from three roof heights, three lengths, two engine types, and two drive modes. The outer body features a lightweight, durable unibody construction, and excels when it comes to drivability. Whether you are using the Ford Transit for you and your family, or for your latest adventure, the Transit is the perfect adventure van.



You can trust Bob Moore Ford Commercial to get you into the adventure van you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re coming from the Norman area, stop by and speak to our expert sales team about building your Ford Transit.