2023 Red Ford Transit

The vehicles offered with the Ford Fleet are the perfect choice when looking at starting or expanding your business. We offer a huge range of commercial vehicles including cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our specialized offerings of many vehicles can satisfy nearly any need that may arise, and to make fleet vehicles even more dynamic Ford now offers Telematics and Intelligence. These features are a great way to stay in touch with your vehicles remotely, monitor your drivers, and assess the condition of your vehicle’s health. The metrics of your fleet come with our standard Telematics service, but upgradeable with even more in-depth information and features to help you even more. Find out about the amazingly intuitive services to help keep your business running smoothly.

Ford Telematics Essentials

Standard Telematics Essentials is a service provided by Ford available at no cost. These essentials cover many aspects of your vehicle and allow you to access them from almost anywhere. With the Telematics Essentials package, you can access vehicle health alerts, planned maintenance tracking, dealer scheduling, and more. Your engine helps send you diagnostic codes to monitor any issues that may arise with your vehicle, and you can even get notified to recall alerts on vehicles, parts, systems, and other components. Telematics Essentials are free for the life of your Ford fleet vehicle, and with it comes a user-friendly dashboard for easy access to all of the features from Telematics.

Ford Pro Telematics and E-Telematics

As a Ford Fleet customer, you have the ability to take your Telematics services to the next level with Ford Pro Telematics. The Pro Telematics system offers everything that Telematics Essentials does plus so much more. These include driver behavior insights that monitor speed, harsh braking and acceleration, and more to help you keep your drivers safe. You also have a fuel efficiency analysis that tracks fuel usage and idle time and GPS Fleet tracking and location history. Ford Pro Telematics also provides support for non-ford vehicles, and all of this is accessible from a specialized Ford Pro Telematics app that helps you keep all your information in one place. With the available E-Telematics, you can easily monitor the charging needs of your all-electric vehicles from Ford, and help you access charging stations.    

Ford Data Services

Using vehicles from the Ford Fleet means we provide the most convenient features wherever possible. With Ford Pro Data Services, we make connecting your vehicles to your company simple and help simplify and relay information gathered from your vehicle’s modem. Our post-2020 fleet vehicles come equipped with a Ford-engineered Modem, and our Data Services can help you access that information. We also work with 3rd party providers, so you can access information no matter which software your company uses with easy integration from Ford. Our Fleet’s Data Services helps you manage your downtime by providing insights into remaining oil, tire pressure, temperature, battery life, and much more. It also helps you optimize your fleet’s performance with odometer readings, remaining fuel, and accurate GPS locations.