Dashboard Report

Information to Help You Manage Your Commercial Business and Inventory

Website Traffic Report

The graphs below represent results from Google Analytics.

The Weekly report represents results from the past 5 weeks. The Monthly report represents results from the past 6 Months.

These reports indicate how well your work truck marketing efforts are working.

Inventory Aging Report

This report show the number of days each vehicle has been in your website inventory.

Since your inventory is always changing, this is a dynamic report built when you click the button below. It may take a few seconds to load.

This report will change daily.

Oldest 5 Fleet Vehicles June 1

Stock# FPEE23607 F-350 Chassis 217 Days

Stock# FPED43821 F-250 Pickup 209 Days

Stock# FPEE23610 F-350 Chassis  194 Days

Stock# FPFB63234  F-150 Pickup 186 Days

Stock# FPED76107 F-250 Pickup  146 Days

Buyer’s Search Interest

The Buyer’s Interest results are based on the truck type searches initiated by buyers.

The graph below represents the results from the last 4 months.

The report below shows the details that the above graph is based upon.

Inventory Inclusion Rules

These can be changed at any time.

  1. F-150 Oxford White with XL Trim, or any Regular or SuperCab Pickups
  2. F-250 Oxford White with XL Trim, or any Regular or SuperCab Pickups, or if the pickup has anyone of these options Snow Plow Prep, Max Tow, or Gooseneck/5th Wheel Hitch Prep
  3. F-350 and F-450 Pickups
  4. All Chassis Cabs & Cutaway
  5. All Transits
  6. Used vehicles that are F-350 or F-450 with low mileage, Chassis Cabs, Cutaways, Upfits or Transits with low mileage