Commercial vehicle detailing

Commercial  Mobile Detail Service

As you go about your business each day, your commercial vehicles can build up dirt, dust, and other grime. The appearance of your vehicle is part of your professional image. If you work in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Tulsa, you can have your vehicle detailed with Bob Moore Ford Commercial to get your vehicle looking better than new. Detailing is not just a wash but a deep cleaning and restorative process that brings your vehicle back to life.

What Does a Full Detail Mean?

When you book a detail service for your vehicle, there are different levels of detail, but a “Full Detail” means your vehicle gets a deep clean with painstaking detail to have it looking better than ever. A full detail means all non-mechanical components of your vehicle, inside and out, are cleaned to make them look their best. A full detail will even remove some minor cosmetic flaws. The final step is a good polish. A full detail covers things like tires and wheels, chrome trim, exterior paint, interior surfaces, carpets, and seats.

Exterior Detail

Your vehicle’s exterior is important, not only to look good but also to protect what’s underneath. The paint does more than make your vehicle look nice. It helps protect the components that lie underneath, including the frame. Once the paint chips from dirt and dust, your vehicle becomes susceptible to corrosion and rust. With a full detail, we will pressure wash your vehicle to remove dirt and a machine is applied to buff and polish the vehicle, giving it a good shine and removing small scratches. Other accent areas like rubber, chrome, and plastic on the exterior can also fade and crack without proper care. During a full detail, these surfaces are cleaned and cleared and sealants may be applied.

Tires and Wheel Detailing

Dust from your brakes and grime and debris from the road accumulate on your tires and wheels and eventually they become very difficult to remove. A full detail will remove, dirt and grease from your wheels, and the chrome, steel, or aluminum will be cleaned thoroughly and polished. A sealant is added to protect the components with a nice glossy finish.

Interior Detail

Detailing cleans out the cabin followed by a sealant to protect the materials and give them a high gloss sheen. Interior detail work also includes cleaning, stain removing, and conditioning seats and upholstery. Carpets are vacuumed, shampooed, deodorized, and protected from dirt and stains.

If your vehicle needs to be cleaned inside and out, set up an appointment with our professional detail team at Bob Moore Ford Commercial. You don’t even need to take time out of your busy schedule to bring in your vehicle. Contact us and set up your Mobile Detail service today where we come to you and provide you with results that enhance the image of your business.