Commercial Ford Brake Service

Brake Service in Oklahoma City

Your brakes play a critical role in keeping you safe every day on the highway. You rely on them to stop immediately when someone pulls out in front of you. If you’re carrying a heavy load, the brakes on your Ford vehicle must work harder to stop. As you drive around Edmond, Norman, and Oklahoma City, you can have more confidence when you get your brakes serviced at Bob Moore Ford Commercial.

Safety First

Your brakes work hard every time you get behind the wheel. Just think of how many times you press down on the brake pedal to stop or slow down on each trip. Every time you engage the brakes, you wear down the components in the system.

Brake pads usually wear out first because they press against the rotors when you need to stop. If you fail to replace the pads quickly enough, you may need the rotors replaced as well. Air can get into the brake lines or you may develop a leak. The service technicians at Bob Moore Ford Commercial will inspect your brake system and let you know what needs to be replaced.

Our service technicians will let you know when brakes pads need to be replaced and how much life is left. We’ll check fluid levels or flush out the brake fluid and put in new. Schedule brake service with Bob Moore Ford Commercial to stay safe out on the roads.

How to Know When Brakes Should Be Inspected and Serviced

Your brakes will provide some indications when they start to wear out. Pay attention to the following issues.

·         It takes longer to stop the vehicle when you apply the brakes.

·         You hear a squeal or grinding noise whenever you press on the brakes.

·         You feel the vehicle shake when you try to stop.

·         The brakes feel stiff when you start to press down.

·         You notice brake fluid under the vehicle.

·         The ABS or BRAKE light comes on and stays lit on the dashboard.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, you need to schedule brake service and prevent further damage to the brake system.

How Often to Service Brakes

You should have your brakes inspected on a regular basis. The service technicians at Bob Moore Ford Commercial will inspect them when you come in for an oil change. They will also flush out the old brake fluid and replace it with clean fluid as recommended by the manufacturer for your model.

Brake fluid flushes should be scheduled every two to five years. You’ll need brake pads every 30,000 to 80,000 miles, depending on the type of pads you buy and how much city driving you do. The more you use the brakes, the sooner they will need to be replaced.


Schedule service for your brakes with Bob Moore Ford Commercial. Visit us online to set up an appointment or give us a call. You can even stop in for same-day service if you need us to look at your brakes. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road, so let us provide your brake service.