Best Commercial Vehicle for Roofing

If you’ve recently started a roofing business or looking to buy another truck to add to your company, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices in trucks on the market today. Take time to think about what you need and make the decision about what’s right for your business.

How Will You Use Your Truck?

You know you need a truck for your roofing business, but you may not have thought about all the ways you’ll use it. Sure, you’ll need it to get you to your customers. You’ll probably use it to haul roofing supplies and equipment. But what other uses will it have?

Do you need the truck to tow a trailer of supplies? How much will it need to haul? Maybe you want it to advertise your business. If that’s the case, you probably want a new truck. A brand-new shiny pickup is going to attract more attention than a 10-year-old model that’s a little beat up.

Where is Your Customer Base?

If your customers are all local, close to your business in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Norman, you may not be as concerned about efficiency. If you plan to branch out to surrounding cities and counties, you may want a vehicle that can go further on less fuel.

Hybrid models offer improved fuel economy while electric trucks bypass all the gas stations. Of course, you’ll need to think about range if you look at an EV truck and how long it will take to fuel up to get to your next job.

Do You Need a Truck or a Van?

While a full-size pickup truck might be the first to come to mind or even a heavy-duty model, you have other options. You could drive a compact truck or a van for your business. Trucks have the bed for easy access while a van offers a large covered storage area. A compact truck may have enough towing capacity for your supplies on a trailer.

When you get to the commercial vehicles, you can often upfit them with switches and other features to improve productivity, especially on a remote job site. Just know you’ll be paying more in fuel because most heavy-duty trucks require more to power them with the big jobs.

How Much Will You Spend?

This is a big question to answer and may be the primary deciding factor for anyone just starting their roofing business. You may decide a used truck is just fine for the first few years until you get a solid customer base.

On the other hand, you may decide that paying for a brand-new full-size pickup is worth the cost. You want to achieve a certain look to attract new customers or not worry about repairs or the truck breaking down.


There are other decisions to be made, such as two or four-door models, length of the bed, and accessories you may want to add. Stop by Bob Moore Ford Commercial and let the sales team show you what’s available. We’ll answer any questions and help you decide on the right truck for your roofing business.