Best Commercial Vehicle For a New Business

Selecting the right commercial vehicle for your business is an important decision no matter what industry you’re in. Your vehicle can serve many purposes or even allow your company to expand. Your choice of a vehicle must meet your business needs in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Norman.

Consider Storage

When thinking about your commercial vehicle, determine how much room you will need for tools, equipment, supplies, or passengers. If you work in the plumbing or electrical industry, you may need to carry a lot of tools to do the work onsite. You may need parts on your vehicle to make repairs, so you don’t need to run to the store or warehouse to complete the job.

Payload and Towing

If you will be carrying a lot of supplies or tools, you’ll need to figure out how much weight that will mean. Payload is the amount of weight your truck or van can carry. This includes both passengers and cargo. If you go over the maximum amount, it can cause damage to brakes, tires, and even the engine. It’s always best to estimate your payload a little higher to ensure you don’t max it out.

Towing capacity is how much the vehicle can pull with a trailer. Again, you’ll want to estimate above to prevent the added weight from burning out your engine.

Cab and Bed Size

If you work alone and will be the only passenger most of the time, you may only need a two-door, one-row truck. If you will be taking a crew to the job site or traveling with passengers, you may need a double cab truck or a van with passenger seating.

You don’t want to forget about the bed. Truck beds come in various sizes to fit different needs. If you haul long items or need extra space, you’ll probably want a full bed. A short bed may be ideal if you only carry smaller items.

The Price

Once you have an idea of what kind of commercial vehicle you need for your business, you’ll want to think about your budget. That will help determine if you will be buying new or used. A used vehicle is usually less expensive if you want to save money. However, a new vehicle comes with a warranty, so you won’t spend as much time and money on repairs.

When calculating the cost, you’ll need to factor in fuel, insurance, and maintenance to have an idea of how much the vehicle is going to cost your business. You may also want to consider any added revenue from the vehicle to help offset the costs. For instance, if you’re buying a second or third truck to service more customers, the increase in income may make a brand-new truck more affordable.


Talk to the sales and finance teams at Bob Moore Ford Commercial to determine which commercial vehicle is right for you. We want to see you succeed, and we’re here to help you with a new or used model that fits your needs.