2023 Ford E-Transit

2023 Ford E-Transit at Bob Moore Ford Pro

If you are looking to increase your work fleet by a van or two, the 2023 Ford E-Transit may be the answer to your problems. E-Transit is an all-electric, customizable work van that can be good for your bottom line. If you are looking for the best work vehicle near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or Norman, you can find it at Bob Moore Ford Pro. With E-transit you can expect an electric range of 108 to 126 miles depending on the van configuration you choose.

Top Reasons to Buy a 2023 E-Transit

Easy on Your Bottom Line

First, buying an all-electric vehicle can save you money. When you purchase an electric vehicle, you may qualify for federal or state tax incentives. Since you have no need for gas, it can potentially lower your scheduled maintenance cost by as much as 40%.

Easy to Manage

You can stay informed with Ford Pro E-Telematics for the first three years of ownership at no extra cost. E-Telematics monitors the charge status of your electric fleet, providing usage reports, automatic software updates, and more.

Ford Pro Power OnBoard

With Pro Power OnBoard, you have access to 2.4 kW of power for all your power tools, circular saws, jackhammers, and more when you are on the go. Pro Power charges when the van is being driven, so you can prepare for the next job ahead of time and you’ll be ready when you arrive.

Customizable Configuration

The 2023 Ford E-Transit comes in three configurations to fit the needs of the job: Cargo Van, Cutaway, and Chassis Cab. It also offers three different heights: low, medium, and high and in three different lengths: Short, Long, and Extended. You can set up your E-Transit to be suitable for your business in almost any industry.

Charging Options

Ford provides multiple options for you to be able to keep your 2023 Ford E-Transit powered up. You have three charging options available. Depot Charging is the first option. To set up hardware and software to be able to charge your E-Transit at the worksite, the experts at Ford Pro can show you what you need for onsite charging. Home Charging allows you to charge your E-Transit whenever it is convenient with the Ford Mobile Power Cord. If you want a faster charging time, you can also get a Ford Connected Charging Station. As more electric vehicles are traveling on the road, there has been growth of the e-vehicle infrastructure at public locations so you can power up on longer trips or when working extra hours to get the job done. Blue Oval Charging Network allows your drivers to find and quickly charge from 75,000 electric charging stations across the U.S.


To Learn more about the 2023 Ford E-Transit, stop by Bob Moore Ford Pro and speak to our sales staff about which model will work best for you. Our team will help you customize and upfit this electric van for your business.